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Our Slogan is: “No immunity No life”

Our body's immunomechanism has been essential to allow the human species to survive for so long. Throughout history, our immune system has helped us battle infections.

Now, with recent developments in molecular biology and tumor immunology, it is changing to the fight against cancer and variety of immune disorders.

Since 2010, many results of clinical trials proving the true efficacy of immunotherapy have been published, and a cancer treatment utilizing antitumor immunity, namely checkpoint inhibitors, has been developed.

Continuing with this trend, "Science" magazine named cancer immunotherapy the "Breakthrough of the year" in 2013.

Therefore, Immunological drug therapy research project at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences in collaboration with other local governmental universities is focusing on basic and translational research in the field of immunology.

Moreover, the project aims to manufacturing a variety of immune-drugs to treat multiple immune disorders.

Our university laboratories in cooperation with other Syrian universities will be open for state of the art scientific research to continue discovering and developing innovative medicine for patients, hoping to build a better future with medications that make a real difference to patients in our country and surroundings.

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