Research Laboratories

Discovering and developing medicines and vaccines that help to improve or save lives is the focus of what we do.

We pursue new disease targets, new types of medicines and vaccines, and new models for developing the next generation of therapeutic breakthroughs.

Our pharmacological and research laboratories at Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences and our collaborative governmental universities labs will be working together for achieve innovative products, high quality research and education.

Our mission is to solve problems and advance solutions to meet state and national objectives.

Here we show a brief description of our laboratories equipment and instruments, adding our vision for 2020 of our collaborative research laboratories.

Andalus University pharmacy college lab guide 2015

Andalus University pharmacy college lab guide 2020


For all our partner universities in Syria, we wish you send us a similar guide for your research labs by downloading the following two files (templae-2015, template-2020), and prepare them with suitable data and then send them back to us by uploading them in

Upload lab guide page


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